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About Us

About Us



The BALC, Karnataka's Favorite English and computer education academy with branches in all district and Taluk places. Being the largest Education Network BALC is known for it's quality English and computer education and is recognized as legend in providing educational services. The curriculum of BALC has been designed by a committee at HO with meticulous care, taking valuable inputs from industries, customers and academia.

The BALC started in 2004 with a motto Computer education for all.The world is fast growing with revolution in science, medical & information technology the world has become a global village with the usage of information technology the need of computer education has become very important and it has been introduced in the schools & colleges at almost all level but traditional education has never given the required skills to the people. Realising these present situations.

BALC has introduced many computer courses which can compete with any rapid and gradual changes in the IT field. The computer courses of BALC enable students to get adequate skills which can help in their academic and career.

BALC is for special training in linguistics and communication and for the advancement of knowledge. BALC is to foster, promote, and impart the basic skills of languages like Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. And to teach the basic skills of communication like The exchange of thoughts, Messages, and Information as by speech, signals, writing and behavior.

BALC is pioneer in handwriting technology and engaged in the study and teach the nature, structure, and variation of handwriting with the Handwriting improvement course, Speed writing, Calligraphy and Graphology.

The R & D of BALC is constantly working on the products Abacus a brain development programme for children, Vedic Maths, Memory development programmes, and mainly on Multimedia and Animation; the requirements of educationalists and professionals.

The objectives of the BALC are the advancement of education, especially in linguistics and communication and Inromation Technology by fostering and promoting, by any lawful charitable and business means. The study of  use, acquisition, and teaching, and fostering of interdisciplinary collaboration in this study. And in furtherance of these objectives (but not otherwise) to organise and sponsor conferences, Lectures, Discussions and Study groups and to produce for distribution on internet and also for sale book, pamphlets, journals and other publications dealing with linguistics and communication and generally to promote, organise and undertake any activities to further the above objectives.